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If experience counts we should have it here. The combined ages of our construction "fleet" is almost 100 years! "Ole Blue" in front and "The Colonel" bringing up the rear.

Ray welding a temporary guard at the top so the rope, when dropped, won't crush the electrical conduit.

Rigging the rope at the top with block and tackle to the Colonel's winch to remove it from the top bullwheel.

Ready to start hauling with the winch to drop the rope from the bullwheel.

The bullwheel can't be dropped straight down. Because of the framework it has to be wiggled out at angles using 5 chain hoists in the right sequence.

Dropping the "heavy" side rope off of tower 10.

He-man Brett thinks he is going to lift the rope off the tower by hand - good luck there Junior!

Things must be going OK.

The rope is finally released at both ends. It is sagging by its own weight almost to the ground.

The bottom bullwheel ready to have the shaft and bearings pressed out.

How's this thing come off? Removing the last bearing from a shaft.

Everything you see (and more) has gotta go!

1/6th of the Dirty Dozen?



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