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USFS and Pebble Creek Dog Policy

Dogs Must be Kept on Leash

within Developed Recreation Sites

CFR Title 36, Section 261.16(j) Bringing in or possessing an animal in a Developed Recreation Site, other that a seeing eye dog, unless it is crated, caged, or upon a leash not longer than six feet…


From the US Forest Service Operating Plan for Pebble Creek Ski Area, 2009-2010


1.      Dogs and other pets are not allowed to run loose in the ski area boundaries during winter operations.


a.       Avalanche dogs are assigned to work on the mountain and wear a vest.


b.      Service dogs trained to assist persons with disabilities are allowed in the base area.  Dogs must be on a leash or harnessed.


c.       In accordance with Forest Service rules concerning dogs in developed recreational area, dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet.


d.      Dogs accompanying persons traveling to the backside may load with their handler on the Skyline lift with patrol before opening or at closing only. Loading is subject to workload and conditions and is at the discretion of patrol and management.  Guests who make use of this option will do so with the understanding that ski lifts are not designed to accommodate animals and as such may constitute a hazard to the animal and in turn to their handler.  Further, the handler shall be responsible for maintaining control of the animal at all times and for the evacuation of the animal with an evacuation harness in the event of a lift malfunction.  Dogs are not permitted to return on ski runs. The handler must acknowledge and accept these risks.