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What is Grooming & Do I Qualify?

Grooming Discussion
Grooming is the art of balancing traction, control, blade contouring and surface finishing in one operation.  It takes even the most talented equipment operators many hours to master doing all at once.

Most of our trails are groomed nightly.  The process starts as soon as the lifts close and continues until just before opening.  Two to four snowcats are used in two shifts, 4:00pm to Midnight and Midnight to 9:30am.

The grooming season starts in early December and runs through early April.  Late December through February we run a full complement of operators.  Before and after that time grooming hours are determined by snowfall.  Because of this, schedules can usually be structured around other seasonal jobs.


At least 18 years old
Valid drivers license
Ability to lift 75 pounds
Ability to walk on steep and snowy slopes
A good history of employment reliability and responsibility
Reliable transportation (able to get up the mountain on unplowed roads)
Desirable but not required;
   * farm and/or heavy equipment experience
   * mechanical aptitude

Commitment & Training



It takes about 2 years for an operator to develop his or her grooming abilities.  We are looking for people who are able to return year after year.  Grooming is a seasonal job that is ideally suited to people with summer occupations such as farming, construction, tourism, rafting, etc.

You must be one who takes personal pride in your handiwork.  Grooming offers the gratification of knowing hundreds of skiers & boarders can't wait to try out your product each day - you must live up to those expectations.


Your first few weeks is an evaluation/probationary period and will be spent riding and driving with other groomers.  After the evaluation period you will be placed on the regular schedule (usually the midnight to 9:30am shift).  The remainder of the first and second seasons are on-the-job-training.

At times you will work with mechanics learning basic snowcat maintenance and repair.  During your shift you will be expected to make minor repairs and adjustments.

Salary Scale & Applying

Applying for a Groomer Position

Probationary period $8.00/hr

Come to the ski area and fill out an application (please call first to make sure someone will be available).  or;

   Send your resume and/or application to:
     Pebble Creek Ski Area
     PO Box 370
     Inkom, ID 83245
     Attn: Mountain Operations
     (208) 775-4453
     Attn: Mountain Operations
     type "grooming app." in the subject line

Please include work history, work and personal references, equipment experience and other skills that may apply.

Interviews are by appointment only.

Balance of the first year $8.50/hr + season pass
Second year $9.00/hr + season pass
+ 1 pass for family member
Third year $10.00/hr + season pass
+ 1 pass for family member

Salary and benefits increase for subsequent years

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