Submitting Photographs
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How to Submit Photos for the Photo Gallery

Photos will NOT be posted unless;

  • Your name (first and last), contact information (phone number, email address or mailing address accompanies each photo or group of photos. (Only your first name will be posted.)
  • Subject content is not objectionable.
  • Quality is viewable (focus, contrast, etc.).
  • They must be of interest to others.
  • Photos must be taken at, of, or pertaining to Pebble Creek.
  • For photos taken at events (races, rallies, etc,) the event must be identified.

Photos Should Include;

  • The first name(s) of anyone you would like identified in the picture.
  • A description of the picture to include with the thumbnail.
  • Other information you would like included (camera settings, location, etc.).

Formats Accepted;

  • Digital format: .jpg, .png, .psd, .tga, .tif, (.gif and .bmp for graphics only).

  • Glossy prints for scanning.

  • We cannot process negatives or slides.

  • Size should not exceed 800x600 pixels. See below.

  • Resolution should not exceed 100 pixels/inch. See below.

Before Posting Your Photos will be;

  • Reduced to 800 x 600 pixels and 96 pixels/inch if you have not already done so.
  • If it will help viewing quality on the internet they will be run them through an automatic process that adjusts for the camera curve, tonal levels, color, focus and contrast. If you do not want your photo altered this way please let me know.

Where & How to Send Them

Pebble Creek Ski Area
PO Box 370
Inkom, ID 83245

More Fine Print

  • There is no guarantee that your photo will be posted.
  • There are probably more stipulations that I haven't thought of yet, but will add as needed.