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A Note on Spyware / Adware:

This website does not employ any adware or spyware.  However, we use a statistics counter to help improve and develop this web site.  The counter uses cookies (if enabled on your computer) and may be reported by programs such as AdAware, Spybot, etc. as adware or spyware.  It will probably be listed as "Stat Counter".  To eliminate this false report tell your adware program that Stat Counter is an acceptable program.

What Stat Counter shows us:

  • What keywords, searches and links you used to get here.

  • Our most popular pages.

  • What area of the country or world you are from.

  • How and where you navigate within our site.

  • If you have been here before.

  • No personal information is (or can be) collected

Upcoming Improvements

Improving the site's accessibility for viewers with special needs

Converting the site to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for improved download speed, better flowing graphics and information, and more uniform cross conformity between browsers.

On-line purchasing ability for passes, tickets, rentals and lessons.

Please note, the web site maintenance is a part time endeavor for me.  Improvements may be slow in arriving.

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For any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about this web site please email me.  My goal is to make this site as useful as possible for you.

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